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Refund and Returns

Product or Delivery Related Issues has complete confidence in the both the quality of the products that it sells and also the processes that we use to get the orders to our wonderful customers. However sometimes, albeit very infrequently, there will be product or delivery issues.

In the event of these types of issues arising, you can be comfortable that we will replace any item that is:

  • Faulty
  • Damaged / Lost during delivery
  • Not as you ordered

In respect to faulty goods note that from time to time we may choose to verify the fault prior to arranging a replacement good. This is a result of the policies that the product manufacturers impose upon us in respect of this.

Consequently the following requirements may need to be met:

  1. Supply of a print sample.
  2. Supply of a copy count for all laser consumables. Many of the newer laser or fax machines will generate a status report showing the copy count used for that particular cartridge.
  3. Confirmation that the products have not been refilled, tampered with or otherwise damaged after delivery, outside of normal usage (for example if the goods are dropped / broken prior to use). 
  4. Confirmation that ink cartridges being returned are above the minimum weight stipulated by the manufacturer as being applicable for return. A list of these minimum weights can be supplied upon request.

Change Of Mind / No Longer Required Type Returns reserves the right to not accept returns from customers, aside from those that are deemed to be product or delivery related (see above).

Examples of this may include where an ordered product is no longer required, has been ordered mistakenly or the customer has had a change of mind about the purchase.

Returns of this nature will be considered on a case by case basis and will only be possible where the goods are still in their original packaging.

Should a return of this nature be approved it will be provided to the customer as a gift voucher (store credit) for use on the website.

Note that it will be the responsibility of the customer to meet all costs associated with the return of the product, as well as 15% restocking fee or a $20 handling fee (whichever is higher).