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Much cheaper than the big retail stores!

Plenty of the big retail stores sell office goods, such as ink and toner cartridges, amongst a wide array of products. They often have large stores and (most of the time....) helpful sales people.

The problem with businesses like these is that they are expensive to run. Office costs, staff costs, utilities etc – all of which need to be paid in the process of selling their products. Hence their products are usually more expensive to generate additional revenue to enable them to pay these costs and then generate a healthy profit.  

At we are exclusively an online business, and because of that, we are able to offer goods more cheaply than our retail competitors because we don’t have a lot of their costs.

We encourage you to make your own comparisons, although here is a small sample of some products we have reviewed recently:


  • This analysis was conducted on 21/22 April 2014. Costs can and do change frequently and while we are confident that our prices are very competitive, we encourage you to undertake your own comparison for peace of mind.
  • Costs based on a single purchase and are as per the prices shown via the store websites. Inkandtonerstore acknowledges that some clients may benefit from bulk buying discounts.
  • Inkandtonerstore delivery costs are shown separately as necessary. Delivery costs vary from business to business and in some instances you are able to pick up your goods in store.
  • This analysis does not include benefits derived from loyalty / reward programs - including our own.