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No nasty surprises at the checkout!

Purchasing goods online usually means getting your products cheaper than in-store, often a lot cheaper!

One thing you need to consider though is how much am I going to have to pay at the checkout to ship my goods home?

While the prices themselves may look great, you might find that free shipping isn’t available until you have spent a lot of money, or it is quite expensive, or both!

What this means is, while your individual product(s) may be cheaper, your overall cost will be higher as you are paying shipping when you don’t need to, or you are paying a higher price for shipping compared to other stores.

At we pride ourselves on offering one of the lowest expenditure levels for free shipping and also a really cheap rate.

So when you shop with us you can be assured of one thing:

If you are spending $40 or more with us in a single transaction, you will not be paying a single cent for shipping. That’s right, nought, nothing, nada, zero – plus quick delivery for all ink and toner cartridges!